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our story

The Triffid Tonic Company is born out of Covid and the long lock downs of 2020/2021. 

Greg is an old-school pharmacist. One of the last to work with his hands compounding and concocting medicines from scratch, and is well versed in the art of making potions, lotions and medicines. Greg was making tonic water using traditional recipes to counter the commercial tonic brands, made with synthetic lab-based quinine and over-sweetened. 

Nick, his housemate, had always known that the world needed this return to the glory days of sophisticated tonic with less sugar and natural botanical flavours. When covid and the first lockdowns hit, Nick's line of work evaporated overnight and he found himself sitting at home unemployed. Not one to sit around, Nick knew this was the time to forge a new path, and our tonic company was born. We have evolved into the Triffid Tonic Company, and internet will forever correct our at times too witty pun. 

You can still taste our original colonial era tonic water in our Bitter Orange tonic syrup. It's made using natural cinchona bark and done as a syrup, just like the original recipe to then add soda water and gin to later. Our other three flavors are the product of hundreds of hours of experimentation and many, many failed ideas. We have found perfect balances and made tonics that are so good they can actually be enjoyed on their own, which can't be said for most tonic water out there. 

We are always experimenting and pushing boundaries. With the release of limited edition tonics in one-off batches, we continue to find new fabulous taste experiences. Whilst many ideas don't make it out of the test kitchen, what you get in your hands is balanced perfection.

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