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Add 1 part tonic syrup to 5-6 parts soda water.

Serve with ice.

Note: our tonic is fabulous on its own. It is a syrup so will generally need something to water it down, with soda water being the standard, but the dilution is entirely up to your taste. If it's being enjoyed on its own you might want just a hint of flavor.

One of the great advantages of Triffid Tonic is the fact that it can be enjoyed on its own. It's a sipping drink - there's lots of layers and depth to it, which means that when you have guests over that aren't drinking, they can still have something that can be enjoyed slowly and they will feel included and not conspicuous. It's not handing them the juice from the back of the fridge or a soft drink that can be put away quickly and shows that you've put thought and consideration into them. It's not often everyone can be holding a drink that looks and tastes exactly the same. It means you can still enjoy something sophisticated even when you're having a night off alcohol.



Add 1 part tonic syrup to 1 part gin or vodka and 4-5 parts soda water. Serve with ice.

As the tonic is now being the champion, we recommend a London Dry gin or other plain spirit that won't try to upstage the flavors of the tonic. If you're using something stronger such as a navy strength gin, you might want to increase the proportion of tonic.

Don't feel limited though! You can check out our cocktails and recipes page here to find all sorts of creative ideas, and when you create your own fabulous concoctions, upload them to our Instagram page to share with the world!

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